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Honesty, Empathy and Respect in Therapy

These are essential for creating the perfect counselling environment in which clients can heal and grow.

We all have times when we are struggling with the daily pressures of life… but this can be even worse when you are in pain but no one believes you. It’s at these times that it’s important to remember: It’s OK not to be OK. When it feels like friends and family simply don’t get it, finding someone who will listen and actively hear you can be transformative.

Seeking counselling for chronic pain is not an admission that it’s ‘all in your head’ because it really isn’t. But I do believe that trauma, stress and emotional difficulties can cause chronic pain and other long-term health conditions. Counselling can help to improve your symptoms..

Counselling Quote: being listened to and heard is one of the greatest desires of the human heart.

My name is Annie, and I offer a warm, welcoming and non-judgemental space where I know you will feel safe enough to share what’s troubling you, what’s happened to you, and how you really feel. Then I will be with you as we start your counselling journey together.

I suffer with a chronic pain condition and am passionate about helping those careworn from simply doing life with a disability or long-term illness.

The diagnosis of a long-term illness is difficult to come to terms with. There is often an overwhelming sense of relief that there is a reason for how you are feeling, and potentially some treatment that will help you feel better. However, this can also be accompanied by anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and grief for the life you have lost, and for the unfairness of it all.

Counselling speciality quote: You are not your illness. you have an individual story to tell. you have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.

How can counselling help?

Counselling is a helpful place to discuss your fears, express your anger, and discuss your relationship issues in an environment where it feels safe to do so. Learning to come to a place of acceptance can help reduce physical symptoms and allows you to create a joyful and meaningful life despite your pain.

However, I also have personal experience of and of working with anxiety, depression, bereavement, childhood trauma, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I believe that trauma has the potential to cause physical illness, and that it is how we express what has happened to us that is our greatest defence. Counselling will help you understand why the coping mechanisms you learnt in childhood might now be unhelpful and how you can learn new healthier ones.

Chronic illness quote: when you shut down emotion, you're also affecting your immune systen, your nervous system. The repression of emotion, which is a survival strategy, then becomes a source of physiological illness later on.

Getting in touch can feel daunting but, that one small step, could be the most life changing thing you ever do…

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